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(Proposal for Accommodation and Meals)1
Intemporal Odisseia Travel Agency

Accomodation: Full-board, Hotel Senhora do Castelo***
Check-in - Check-out: 25th  – 30th October 2015 (for example, it may be other dates)
Training room: Hotel Senhora do Castelo


Hotel Senhora do Castelo



Double room



Single room





  • 5 breakfasts
  • 9 meals (Includes: soup, main dish, dessert, house wine or water or soda and coffee)
  • 1 Regional dinner
  • Coffee Break: 5 Coffee Breaks in the morning + 5 Coffee Breaks in the afternoon
    (Includes: cookies, coffee, tea, orange juice and water).
  • Transfers to visit school in Mangualde: 3 trips (5 minutes) from the Hotel Senhora do Castelo to schools and return. (By car until 4 pax and/or van until 8 pax)

1 Erasmus+: Apply individual support / subsistence

 Important note: It’s possible to book separately these services.
For more information or other possibilities, contact Intemporal Odisseia Travel Agency   http://www.intemporal-odisseia.pt .  rui.marques@intemporal-odisseia.pt

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(Hotel Senhora do Castelo)



(Hotel Senhora do Castelo)










Day and Night Tour in Viseu (5 hours)
Means of transport: Car / Van
Viseu Cathedral, Rossio, Santiago Park, Ice Palace, Free Time
Until 4 people: 100 € (VAT included)*
Until 8 people: 180 € (VAT included)*


Night Tour in Aveiro (5 hours)
Means of transport: Car / Van
Aveiro's canals, Aveiro Forum, haystacks of Costa Nova and Barra's Beach
Until 4 people: € 140 (VAT included)*
Until 8 people: € 220 (VAT included)*


(Costa Nova - Aveiro)

Night Tour in Coimbra (5 hours)
Means of transport: Car / Van
the Coimbra fado, University of Coimbra, Sereia Garden, Penedo da Saudade, Free time
Until 4 people: € 140 (VAT included)*
Until 8 people: € 220 (VAT included)*
Important: The price to listen the Coimbra fado (in "Fado ao Centro") is not included (10€)




*The budget is provided by car, divided by the number of people who want to buy the program!

 For more information contact the partner agency